Virtual Trade Show Video Production

As we at DBC2 adapt to these challenging and unusual times so too is our industry and clients. Our Video production department recently had the task of creating a number of product videos for our client BWI which incorporates the popular brands Narva and Projecta. As the world increasingly moves more and more online and into a virtual world, the videos we were tasked with producing were for a virtual trade show.

These videos required a mixture of studio product shots, location-based shots and graphics.  With 6 videos in total and a hard deadline looming we wasted no time in getting started.

First was to set up the products one by one in our studio, light them and shoot them from every possible angle.  Then we had to source a number of locations and appropriate vehicles to shoot the products.  We had camping/hiking style shots, caravan shots, headlight globe install, globe comparison and night-time driving shots to get.  It was fair to say we had quite a lot of work to do in a short amount of time.

Across various days and nights, our cameras and crew were working overtime to complete the task, we even had a drone to get shots.  With all the vision shot it was time to fire up our edit suites and put it all together.  We are pleased to say we completed all the videos and delivered to the client before the deadline.  With all the videos looking good and the client happy (the most important thing of all) the job was complete.