TOTAL ANAC PRO Product Launches

anac_smlTOTAL Lubricants Australia, the innovative oil and lubricants giant has launched ANAC PRO to the market through a tailored program put together by DBC2.

The TOTAL ANAC PRO ‘kits’ were a quirky marketing premium, sent to a key group of media publications.

The kits were a customised attention seeking box, containing hay, a special bottle of quality Olive Oil, mixed with Balsamic vinegar to draw an analogy to the service on offer, provide a lasting impact to key stakeholders and provide the opportunity to introduce an infor
mation pack on what is an industry leading offering.

So what is ANAC PRO? Using the principle of prevention is better than a cure, ANAC stands for ANAlysis Compared, which is a full range of oil analysis, adapted for any automotive and industrial application. From a simple oil sample, TOTAL ANAC can give a thorough diagnosis of all your mechanical parts including engines, transmissions and hydraulics. The beauty of ANAC PRO is that it can tell you when a component is about to fail, before it actually does, saving both time and money.