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The Bur-Sun NewsletterDBC2 has produced a revitalised, industry leading newsletter for Burson Auto Parts that looks and feels closer to a quality magazine. Featuring original content, slick design and relevant industry based supplier information the ‘The Bur-Sun’ is distributed to every Burson store across Australia and available free to Burson customers.

Furthermore, DBC2 tailored each newsletter so it is store specific, with an interview of a staff member personalising the newsletter. This further connects the staff to Burson customers and shares some of the passion around why Burson staff go that extra mile for their customers.

Feedback of the new design has been extremely positive.

We have received the latest edition of the Bur-Sun and it seriously is spectacular. The front cover really stands out as a professional magazine. We only started delivering it today but have already had two customers mention how good it is. It seems to have the right amount of local content and articles that are relevant.”  Said Peter Bensted, Store Manager Burson Albury.

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