Sydney Motorsport Visit

sydney_motorsport_smlDBC2 isn’t shy when it comes to giving the next generation a helping hand, that’s why we visited The University of Sydney to assist their FSAE-A Racing Team with all things sponsorship. With 25 years of firsthand experience, our Managing Director Dale Brittain was happy to share his knowledge and expertise on the basics of building support for a growing Motorsport Team.

Detailing and describing everything from effective sponsorship acquisition, prospecting, objective finding and pitching, DBC2 made sure that the team were given the best tools in the shed to achieve their desired sponsorship outcomes.

DBC2 were fundamental in turning the team’s business approach around and with the unwavering gratitude from all involved, DBC2 were proud to assist a passionate and creative collective of people aiming to leave their mark on the world of Australian Motorsport.