Summer is Summernats at DBC2

Christmas breaks never seem long enough, but we hope you enjoyed a great Christmas and New Year period and are fresh and excited about 2014, just as we are at DBC2.

There was no time for hangover’s on New Year’s Day for the DBC2 team, as we shipped out to Canberra for what is an annual DBC2 pilgrimage to street machine heaven. DBC2 has been actively engaged by Summernats for many years and for our PR team, it is one of the biggest events on our calendar every year. If you are into anything automotive, we recommend everyone experience Summernats at least once in their life!

Working with the Organisers and the extensive media in in the lead up, during and post event, DBC2 conducted the PR fluidly and professionally and the results were strong.  Crowd and entrant numbers were up, strong brand exposure was obtained and overwhelmingly positive coverage produced in print, TV and radio.

A highlight for DBC2 was working with the Today program as national breakfast presenter Natalia Cooper spent the morning familiarising herself with the world of street machines. Watch the footage by clicking here.

Positive feedback about our involvement in events is always gratifying and we received this from co-owner of Summernats, Andy Lopez.

“Personally speaking, my working relationship with the PR team was above expectations. And my expectations are always very high.”

“On site, the team was superb. They were thoroughly prepared at each media conference, and always had a strong and relevant message for me to put forward.”

“We’ve come a long way. 100,000 plus crowds, over 1800 cars, and a fantastic TV show. DBC2 has had a big hand in all of that.”

With Summernats another fantastic success it’s time for DBC2 to look forward to our exciting 2014 plans which will ensure DBC2 stays a step ahead and remains Australia’s best automotive and motorsport marketing specialists.