Stay up to date with the latest in Facebook Video Algorithms

Videos weren’t left unnoticed by Facebook in the latest algorithm updates. Since mid-year, these factors impact video rankings. Understanding and adapting your video strategy on Facebook to meet these new algorithms can make a substantial difference to your organic video engagement.

Loyalty and intent: Videos that people seek out and return to are prioritised.

Video viewing duration: Videos that capture the user’s attention for at least one minute are prioritised.

Originality: Unoriginal and repurposed content will be limited, as well as the content of the Pages involved in the sharing schemes.

Length: Longer (three minutes or more) videos are favoured.

Original videos of high quality and length will now be favoured by the Facebook algorithm. If your video content engages well with your audience, the algorithm will reward you further by favouring these videos to your fanbase at a higher organic rate.

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