Some Fun at Haunted Hills

If you were to visit the DBC2 office and meet us all, you will find out pretty quickly that the one thing that we all have in common (apart from the whole marketing thing) is that we are passionate car enthusiasts. So when an opportunity popped up for us to head out to the Haunted Hills Hillclimb Track in Yallourn, Victoria with a few of our cars to have some fun, we just couldn’t say no!

We set off from metro Melbourne early on a sunny morning and travelled the two hours east on the Princes Highway to the stunning hill climb circuit managed by the Gippsland Car Club.

In the impressive DBC2 convoy was (of course) 1LITGT – our Herrod Supercharged Mustang project – alongside a few of our other cars including the latest #projectdbc2 car, the 2008 Audi S3 8P which is currently in transition from a road car to a track car. Also along for the ride was our 2016 Audi RS3, 2019 Mercedes-AMG GLC63s and two VW Polo GTI’s.

What was apparent upon our arrival at Haunted Hills was just how scenic, green and steep the complex is. The whole circuit is quite tight and technical, which is made up of mostly bends – many of them being completely blind. This meant that our hot hatches – especially the Audis – were right at home with their Quattro systems doing what they do best. Unfortunately this wasn’t the case for 1LITGT, which is an absolutely brutal animal in a straight line but requires a bit of wrestling to get around the corners. Oh well – back to the drag strip it goes!

The main purpose of the day (apart from having some enjoyment in the safe confines of a purpose built motorsport park) was to test out our two VW Polo GTI’s – one completely standard and one fitted up with the latest performance braking componentry from DBA. After a few laps it was very apparent that the DBA T3 product is very comfortable in track conditions, with no brake fade or inconsistencies throughout the course of the day.

Haunted Hills proved to be a fantastic testing ground for our #projectdbc2 S3, with the DBC2 team taking turns to get a feel for the car in its standard form and giving us an understanding of the direction that we wanted to take moving forward with the car. If you aren’t yet up to date with what we are doing with the S3, feel free to check out the build on YouTube below.