“Any PR is good PR”…incorrect!

Good PR is simply the most cost effective marketing activity and is one of the best ways to communicate, inform, engage and sell.

Bad PR shuts down businesses…if not handled by experts.

It’s never been more important to build and maintain positive communication between your stakeholders, brands and products; whether that’s with customers, media, investors or staff.

The media landscape is rapidly changing and social technology is becoming increasingly advanced and ubiquitous.  Keeping up-to-speed can be daunting.

DBC2’s 15 years of experience ensure cutting-edge communications and public relations.  From keeping clients up-to-date, liaising with the media (on positive or negative issues) or the launch of a new product, we have the skills and resources to get the job done.

No business wants the unthinkable or the unsavoury to happen to their brand or in their workplace but for some, it becomes a reality.  For expert advice on dealing with sensitive issues, DBC2 have an impeccable record in minimising the PR fall-out from the toughest of environments and situations.

DBC2 have extensive media contacts in the automotive and motorsport industries, derived from many years of building successful relationships, so we know who to speak to and just as importantly, how to speak to the media to get the right results.

“Personally speaking, my working relationship with the DBC2 PR team was above expectations. And my expectations are always very high. On site, the team was superb. They were thoroughly prepared at each media conference, and always had a strong and relevant message for me to put forward. We’ve come a long way. 100,000 plus crowds, over 1800 cars, and a fantastic TV show. DBC2 has had a big hand in all of that.”
– Andy Lopez, Summernats Co-owner

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DBC2 is a full service marketing agency that understands the automotive and motorsport industries like no other and for over 15 years, has been trusted by some of Australia’s most prominent brands and motorsport names.

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