Ryco 3D Scanning video Shoot

At DBC2 we love hearing about new technology and the ways it is shaping our industry, that’s why we were excited for our recent video shoot at Ryco Filters.  

Ryco is using amazing state of the art 3D scanning technology to scan engine bays of numerous vehicles so they can then design Vehicle Specific Fitting Kits, which makes fitting their Catchcan and/or fuel water separator products easy for Ryco customers. 

Our video shoot began with the engine bay of a Triton and Ryco’s new 3D scan tool.  The Ryco engineering team scanned the engine bay while we filmed how it was done.  We were impressed with how quickly and accurate a 3D image of the engine bay appears on the computer ready for the Ryco engineers to start designing their fitting kits. 

Next step is to 3D print prototypes before the manufacture process begins ensuring everything is 100% accurate and specific for the vehicle.

Finally we filmed and learned how easy it is to fit Ryco’s Catch-can and fuel water separator products using their new Vehicle Specific Fitting Kits all thanks to the fantastic work Ryco engineers are doing to help make their customers lives easier.