Rare Spares Integrated Marketing Campaign For Summernats

Supporting Summernats Sponsor Rare Spares demonstrated how to use an integrated marketing campaign to best leverage their sponsorship of the annual event.

DBC2 helped roll out Summernats campaign activity for Rare Spares, which included: competitions run online, through social media and at event; e-mail marketing communications; digital and social media.

Pre-event activities included e-mail marketing campaigns to encourage Rare Spares customers to enter a competition to win a ride with Peter Gray at the National Burnout Masters, which was also driven through social media. The ‘Rare Experience’ competition, which included 3 major prizes was open to Summernats ticket holders who could enter at the Rare Spares stand at Summernats where entry booths were erected.

Signage, large numbers of staff in Rare Spares branded attire, promotional models and a Rare Spares stand and competition booth ensured strong brand exposure at the event.