Rare Spares 40,000 Followers Strong

Rares40klikesIn just over two years, in fact almost to the day, the Rare Spares Facebook Page achieved the milestone of 40,000 followers. The Rare Spares Facebook page now represents one of the marketing focuses for the company because it communicates to a passionate audience who regularly engage with the company by posting comments and asking questions.

One key factor in the success of the Rare Spares Facebook page has been the frequency of its posts. On some days the page will see up to five new posts, constantly keeping the audience engaged with relevant information.

Product information isn’t the only subject on the Rare Spares Facebook Page. The company will often post promotions and giveaways, promote upcoming car club events and also give handy hints and tips about restoring cars.

The Rare Spares Facebook Page, which DBC2 Social Media expert Kevin Spiteri manages, is a true success story and DBC2 are proud to be part its growth moving forward …. Next stop 50,000!!

Check out the Rare Spares Facebook page here.