Project DBC2 – Audi S3 8P Episode 4

Episode 4:

In Episode 4 of the #projectdbc2 build with our 2008 Audi S3 8P, we are now turning up the power!

The complete build so far has focused on building a solid and healthy platform for power through proper servicing and maintenance items, as well as getting our drivetrain, brakes and suspension ready for the extra speed and torque coming its way.

Underground Performance are renowned for their performance work especially on Volkswagen, Audi and Skoda platforms. What sets them a part from other tuning companies is that they don’t always aim for the highest power number on a dyno – instead they tune for usable power that is safe for the engine and drivetrain.

Before the tuning commences, the team at UGP supply and bolt on a new Downpipe, Cold Air Intake and uprated Fuel Pump to allow the engine to breathe and have an adequate supply of fuel.

Alex then gets to work with a UGP Stage 2+ tune, modifying the maps as he goes and tweaking on the dyno.

The end result is an impressive total power output of 215.4kW of power and 440Nm of torque at all 4 wheels!

A properly respectable amount of power for a light, nimble, manual all-wheel-drive car, with thanks from the guys at

Stay tuned for the next episode!