Project DBC2 – Audi S3 8P Episode 3

Episode 3:

The build of #projectdbc2 – our 2008 Audi S3 8P – continues on at Underground Performance to work on building a solid base before we start pushing the car for more power.

With the suspension, clutch and brakes fitted in the last episode, this time we focus on the engine. The team at hsy autoparts kindly supplied us with all service and filtration parts for the 2L 4 cylinder Turbocharged FSI engine so we can be sure that everything service related is new and using the best quality parts for our European machine.

Liqui-Moly sent us their latest engine oil technology to ensure our engine is happy after we throw some extra power at it. Their Molygen – or as it is nicknamed “Predator Blood” – is green in colour and has special additives to reduce friction in the engine and handle higher oil temperatures without compromising the integrity of the engine.

On top of this, the guys at Underground Performance carried out some maintenance on the S3’s engine including replacing some broken intake runner guides, and carried out a full carbon clean. A huge thanks once again to Underground Performance for carrying out this work for us.

Stay tuned for the next episode!