More than a tag-line, this is a true reflection of the staff we bring and our core difference as a marketing agency.

Our staff aren’t in the business of just showing up, they live and breathe automotive.

Every single DBC2 employee has a link to the industry, whether they work on cars, race cars or simply love them, its a unique bond that brings all of our team together.

Pictured below are our key people, our dream-team of talented individuals, who each brings with them a unique set of skills across strategy, digital, creative, video, web and social media.

We have all the right people under one roof and a deep-seeded knowledge of the automotive industry.

Our Key People

Dale Brittain

Founder & Managing Director

  • Serial automotive business owner and project car builder.
  • Literally is the “DB” in “DBC2”.
  • Over 35 years of experience in the industry.

Dale Brittain has more than 35 years of experience as an automotive marketing specialist. He continues to work with Australia’s largest automotive brands, creating successful strategic marketing and sales campaigns. Dale facilitates the growth of small and large businesses and is a consultant for mergers and acquisitions in the automotive aftermarket sector. As a recognised industry expert, Dale accepts international invitations as a public speaker.

Anthony Crivelli

Creative Director

  • Loves his FJ20 powered Datsun 1600 more than his own children
  • Knows his way around Photoshop like no one else

Anthony Crivelli has two great passions in life – cars and design. His wife and children are somewhere on the list too. In 2018, Anthony landed his dream job, combining his two great passions to become DBC2’s Senior Graphic Designer before being quickly elevated to Creative Director. Anthony’s 15 years of experience in graphic design makes him a vital cog in all of DBC2’s creative and strategic projects.

Mitch Brittain

Account Manager

  • Should be arrested for the speeds he does through the Tasmanian-twisties
  • An innovator of marketing and determined to exceed every single time

Having grown up around his car-loving father, falling in love with all things auto was only a matter of time for a young Mitch Brittain. A hard-core car nut, Mitch has a true passion for his work, and has filled just about every available role at DBC2 at one stage or another. As an Account Manager, Mitch is client-focussed, continuously innovating and determined to exceed campaign goals every time.

Mark Wiseman

Video Production Manager

  • There isn’t a cleaning product Mark hasn’t used on his Mark 7 Golf GTI
  • Decided he needed a daily and decided to buy, of all things, an E46 BMW 325ci
  • Knows his way around a camera and, better yet, Final Cut Pro like no one else

Mark joined DBC2 in 2017 as our Video Production Manager, bringing with him over 20 years of experience in the TV industry working for WIN Television. Any video piece produced by DBC2 has been scripted, directed, produced, filmed and edited by Mark, and trust us, there’s been a lot of video content over the last few years. The rise of short-form and portrait video content has kept Mark busy and challenged, one which he’s taken in his stride and continues to deliver on every video brief, no matter what size, length or format.

Jay Kenneally

Digital Creative Specialist

  • Will try just about anything we throw at him
  • Covers everything from graphic design to websites and anything in between
  • Literally lost count of how many Volvos he owns

Jay first joined us in 2020 as a Junior Graphic Designer, coming to us with a small but impressive background in Real Estate marketing. Going further back than that, Jay used to work as an Automotive Mechanic servicing working at, you guessed it, a Volvo specialist. We don’t quite get the Volvo thing ourselves but he loves them and that’s all that matters. Now, as our Digital Creative Specialist, Jay’s role is… Just about anything, really. Covering all things from design, to websites, to EDMs and socials, there isn’t an area of the business he won’t help out with.

Mason Peart

Digital Content Coordinator

  • Did like a week of work experience with us and then wouldn’t stop emailing until we hired him as a full-timer.
  • Is most at home being covered in mud while filming the Victorian Club Rally Series.

Mason is our newest addition to the DBC2 family. First joining us in 2019 during his work experience studies, Mason has always had a keen interest in video production, filming and editing. In fact, he spends just about every weekend – rain, hail or shine – miles away from anyone filming cars race around a dirt track. So it was only a matter of time that one of his 6,327 emails asking for a full-time role would actually work, and in 2021 we finally had a role for him as a Digital Content Coordinator, covering all our social media content and assisting Mark in all facets of video production.