NXTZEN Video Shoot

DBC2 recently had the task of launching NXTZEN the next generation in surface protection solutions, which is a range of ceramic coatings to keep your pride and joy protected and looking showroom perfect.

We launched at the Bathurst 12 Hour as NXTZEN were sponsoring the McLaren 59 Racing team.  Car 59 and car 60 (which placed second on the day) both had NXTZEN branding on the livery and it was decided to use the racing cars in our video shoot.

Thing was the McLaren racing cars weren’t going to be ready for us to shoot until just a week before the 12 Hour and we had to get 3 videos shot and edited within 2 days.  Challenge accepted.  Off we went to visit the team at 59 Racing. First video was to shoot the product being applied to a road car, a Porsche GT2, after a lot of nice really close up shots of the product, the product going on the car, and some cool water beading shots it was time to shoot the next video.  A competition video with racing car driver Fraser Ross telling viewers how to win a free ceramic coating.  Then, the third video, the fun one, the one with the McLaren racing cars.  Between the cars only just being ready and about to be loaded onto the truck to Bathurst we had a small window to shoot them for our video.  With them in position in the garage we hit the lights, the smoke machine and the camera record button.

This is the result…..