Not all hope is lost in the local Australian automotive manufacturing industry

Not all hope is lost in the localOne local automotive parts manufacturer, the Melbourne based RSP, is defying all odds to record levels of growth over the past 15 months.

Car parts manufacturers in Australia are being faced with challenging times as local manufacturing costs rise with the value of the Australian dollar, and motor vehicle manufactures begin to look overseas for more cost effective parts.

RSP, known for their flagship automotive aftermarket restoration brand Rare Spares, manufacture a number of parts within Australia at their own facilities, and supply parts to Holden, Ford, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Kenworth Trucks and International Trucks.

“We are very proud of our Australian manufacturing facilities,” said Les McVeigh, Managing Director of RSP. “Through RSP, we directly and indirectly create a significant number of jobs within Australia, and that number is increasing.

“The growth of RSP over the past year has been incredible. We just recorded our best month in the history of the company in April, and we are confident about our future in Australia. We have been supplying OEM parts to motor vehicle manufacturers for over 20 years, alongside Rare Spares; our primary aftermarket restoration side of the business.”

RSP began life over 36 years ago when Managing Director Les McVeigh turned a hobby for cars into a multimillion dollar business with a distributor network across Australia and manufacturing facilities in Melbourne.

Now all five Directors of RSP, a tight knit group whose close friendship has survived the rapid expansion of the business, are defying all odds to continue the evolution and growth of RSP and Rare Spares within Australia.

“Unfortunately, Australia does not currently have a strong future in manufacturing in any industry,” explained Mr McVeigh.

“Many Australian manufacturers just can’t compete with lower costs from overseas manufacturers. The increased costs of local manufacturing have made it very difficult for Australian manufactures to stay competitive. The unfortunate fact is that it’s far cheaper for many companies to move manufacturing offshore.”

Mr McVeigh contributes the growth of RSP to a consistent flow and innovation of new products, supplying quality parts, maintaining leadership in the aftermarket restoration market, and developing close relationships with motor vehicle manufacturers including Ford, Holden, Mazda and Nissan.

“RSP is an important manufacturer of automotive parts in Australia,” said Stuart Charity, Executive Director of the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association.

“While the Australian media have been predicting the death of automotive manufacturing in Australia, RSP, together with the wider independent aftermarket, are proving that our industry is still capable of manufacturing locally made high quality parts, and there is a strong potential for growth.”

RSP is a holder of ISO9001 Quality Management System certification and supplies a number of OEM parts to motor vehicle manufacturers including oil, air and fuel filters, door handles, suspension bushes, pedal pads, lamps and lamp lenses, cables and body panels. RSP, through Rare Spares, sells and distributes an array of spare parts, accessories and restoration parts for old and new model cars.