Motor Mag Reviews 1-LITGT

For 60 years MOTOR has been the Australian bible for lovers of performance cars and driving. All about fast cars – brand new or tuned. The magazine covers Fords to Ferraris, Toyotas to Lamborghinis, and anything with a performance bent.

So when it comes to entering the Australian Motoring Hall of fame, not much goes past a review in this automobile authority. Under the wing of Herrod, 1-LITGT was taken out and shaken down to find out what made the car so special. A fully ADR-complied, hassle-free 500kW+ muscle car for well under six figures was the opener to a great article.

“The manual brings out so much more of the Mustang’s personality. On the road, where against-the-clock figures couldn’t be less important, the Herrod ’Stang manically rips through the gears with a forcefulness that never seems to fade.”

With such an outstanding review of our office hero, we were proud to have such great sponsors involved. A massive thanks to Herrod Performance,  Philips Automotive AustraliaMyStangModsDCIDBA,  I’m Wrapped – Vinyl Graphics and Designer Wraps!

To learn more about 1-LITGT, head to www.