Market Research With Burson

DBC2 have been conducting a market research project to review the performance of one of our biggest client newsletters, The Bur-Sun.

To gain an insight into how well the most recent edition of this newsletter was received and to gain constructive feedback from our audience, DBC2 have invested in surveying hundreds of recipients.

Feedback has been analysed and found an overwhelmingly positive response to the ‘personal touch’ aspects of the newsletter. As such, we recommend that businesses who are communicating with their audiences directly, offer some insights into who they are – both professionally and personally, offer as much transparency as possible and always remember to ask for feedback and find out what your readers/listeners want!

Market Research doesn’t have to always be a huge investment of time and money; in some of the leading companies in the world, staff or even the CEO, pick up the phone once a day or week to find out what their customers want. What’s stopping you?

Other market research tools that you probably already have available to you but may not have considered, or simply need some help collating and analysing feedback from, include Google analytics and responses on social media which DBC2 can assist with. There are many channels to communicate with your audience, and communication should always be a two-way street.

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