Introducing Ryco Filters to a Wider Audience

Ryco Filters recently approached DBC2 to help shift the company narrative away from its ‘Heavy Duty’ prowess and introduce the more ‘commercial’ range attributes to a wider section of the market.

The brand has impressive traction across the heavy duty segment of the automotive industry – Ryco is one of the top filter brands – but the business wanted customers to know that it has a range that will suit every application.

DBC2’s inhouse senior graphic designer created an assortment of visual assets to support the rebranding, highlighting ‘commercial’ as a sub-brand of the Ryco range.

However, the branding only tells one part of the story. It was important to explain what Ryco stands for.

So that consumers could appreciate the value that Ryco brings to a very crowded market, DBC2 came up with the ‘Reasons to believe’ campaign – which comprises three pillars.

Firstly, the ‘Reasons to believe’ tagline is aimed at the internal audience – the people that work for Ryco. It asks them to consider the strengths of the brand when communicating to their target audience.

To explain what ‘Reasons to believe’ stands for, DBC2 created three pillars: Australian Owned and Tested, Genuine Performance, and Australia’s Favourite Filter Brand.

Three very simple, easy to understand subplots that can be used to highlight the strengths of the brand and its products, and be the point of difference compared to its competition.

Australian Owned & Tested: DBC2 highlighted the heritage of the Ryco brand, which began in Melbourne over 80 years ago. Still to this day it is an Australian-owned company. It was also important to shine the spotlight on local testing – because Ryco is the only filter brand to boast an Australian-based testing facility.

Genuine Performance: For Ryco, genuine performance is accomplished with optimum product efficiency, life and flow. DBC2 recognised the important of these three words – part of what Ryco calls ‘The Ryco Difference’ – in offering the best filter in the market.

And finally, Australia’s Favourite Filter brand: Why? Because it is, and the market needs to know this. DBC2 was able to highlight the extensive range that the brand offers, its ability to meet and exceed OE specifications, and Ryco’s at-the-ready customer service team. All of which benefit the customer.

This innovative marketing initiative was implemented nationally and forms the core messaging for the Ryco Filters brand.