Injectors Online Launch Campaign

AS part of DBC2’s role providing marketing solutions for Injectors Online, DBC2 recently put together a comprehensive social media Launch campaign and worked closely with the client for the launch of their new brand of performance injectors, XS.

XS Injectors by Xspurt have been designed to revolutionise flow testing and data matching, as the launch of these products represents innovation not seen in the injector market for over 10 years.

Utilising targeted Facebook advertising campaigns, database marketing, EDM’s, special graphics and hype videos created by the DBC2 Digital Growth Experts Team, results have been overwhelmingly positive for the client. Injectors Online have sold hundreds of XS Performance Injectors along with significantly driving brand awareness across the digital space. The launch was an incredible success for all parties, on all counts and DBC2 will continue to roll-out the launch of this campaign over the next few months.

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