Filming With Racing Driver Cam Waters

=DBC2 has recently worked with ENZED to produce two very different promotional videos with ENZED Hose Doctor ambassador and racing driver Cameron Waters.

Cam Waters For A Day – DBC2 has devised and directed an exciting fly on the wall style video where we follow Cameron Waters as he competes in Round 2 of the Dunlop Series in his Team ENZED FPR Falcon. The video will give a great insight into what a race day looks like for a racing driver and will be fantastic content that in turn produces exposure for ENZED.

ENZED Hose Doctor Training – DBC2 has produced a concept, written a script and worked with a film crew and talent (Cameron Waters) by giving an insight into the ENZED Hose Doctor training facility in Wodonga and what you can expect to learn during the specialised two week course.   This video will provide interest and ultimately aid as a recruitment tool for ENZED to showcase what is on offer for those looking into a new career as a Hose Doctor.

Both videos will be released in the not too distant future so stay tuned.