Facebook – Why you need a business page…..or not.

Fast Facts – There are;

-12 million Australians using Facebook each month
-9 million Australians use the site daily
-Facebook users spend on average 8.3 hours a month on Facebook
-There are over 25 million business pages on Facebook

Your customers are on Facebook, that’s a given.  The question is should you be? 

The short answer is that Facebook is not for everyone. Every social network has its own unique culture; Facebook may not be a good fit for every business. It’s noisy, expensive and, how can we say this diplomatically, it can be immature.
That said the power of social media for connecting with your customers can not be ignored.

Benefits of having an active business page on Facebook

Discoverable – When people search for your business on Facebook (and they are) they will be able to find you.
Personality – Facebook provides the platform to communicate your Brand personality.  It helps distinguish you from your competitors.
Targeted Reach –You can talk with just those people who care about your business, industry or niche market.  It is a very efficient and focused communication.
Current – Do you have something to say to you customers today, right now?  With Facebook you can share your messages in real time.
Connected – Facebook allows you to talk with, rather than at, your customers.  This means you can ask what they think about your products, your new idea, and your new logo.  You can deliver amazing customers service and answer questions about your product.
Visibility- An active social media presence on your website assists in making your site more visible in searches. It is one of the SEO factors that google rank in determining the “relevance” of your website.

What does it cost to be on Facebook?

By far the biggest investment you will make in social media is time.  Many businesses under estimate how much time it takes to manage a successful business page.  As a general guide – if you are posting 5 times a week, are running an advertising campaign and have an engaged fan base you would be investing between 4 – 6 hours a week on Facebook.
Facebook is also a business; it wants you to spend money through advertising and promoting your posts.  Recent changes (expect more of these) have made it almost impossible for a business page to successfully operate without an advertising budget.  While it depends on your goals most of our clients are investing $150 – $300 a month in Facebook campaigns and amplifying their keys messages.

Setting your Facebook Goals

Like any marketing activity it is important to know what it is you want from your investment in Facebook.  Your goals will influence the way you as a business interact with Facebook, guiding your tone and your strategy.  Here are our suggestions for Facebook goals;
• Building a Brand – Communicating your brand so that you people recognise your name and logo and connect it with your product or service is an important part of most Facebook strategies.
• Lead generation – Attracting new customers – driving traffic to your website or online store might be your Facebook focus.
• Customer Service – Facebook can be a great tool for helping your customers and educating them on how to use your products and services.
• Relationship building – By engaging with your audience and developing a relationship you can turn them into ambassadors for your business.  An authentic third party endorsement of your product can be the most powerful marketing tool your business will ever have.

Are you ready to get started or move your rather tired page up a level?

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