Experienced Administration and Bookkeeper Joins the DBC2 Family

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The entire DBC2 team are thrilled to announce the appointment of our new Administration and Bookkeeper, Kylie Lovell.

Kylie has an extensive background in administration, bookkeeping, client management, project management and systems and process improvement. She is exceptionally organised, efficient, and thorough – skills that she has refined over two decades of experience in senior administration, office management and executive assistant roles, in both public and private organisations.

Kylie brings a wealth of business and client service experience. Her strengths include her ability to efficiently manage the day-to-day operations of a fast-paced marketing agency, her personable and supportive ‘nothing is ever too hard’ attitude and building strong, collaborative relationships both in and out of the business.  And added to her skill set is her passion for cars and the automotive industry. Q: So, what does she drive? A: A black Porsche Cayenne!

With Kylie’s support, the DBC2 team will shift into top gear and continue to be the efficient, responsive, customer focussed business that DBC2 has built its reputation upon – as Australia’s leading specialist automotive marketing agency.

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