ENZED Goes Live

Moving into the digital age, ENZED have moved their internal communications online with a website portal to publish news stories, accompanied by a newsletter linking back to the blog.

Formerly known as the connector, ENZED Live is the new ENZED network web portal designed to bring internal ENZED communications into one platform.

ENZED Live will become a one stop shop for ENZED members, containing regular news and feature articles on messages from the EAC, best practices and success stories from ENZED Service Centres and Hose Doctors, sponsorship updates, marketing updates, key industry updates, Parker product updates and much more!

DBC2 have driven ENZED Live, creating the newsletter with a professional look and feel that is also easy to navigate, has strong SEO and enables the gathering of in-depth analytics that will highlight areas of interest to readers, so that we can further build on content and quality.