ENZED and DBC2 Forge Ahead in 2015

DBC2 is pleased to announce a continuation of the partnership with long term client ENZED in 2015, with a new contract signed with the leading Industrial Hydraulic Hose and Fittings Company in Australasia.

This new contract marks the 13th year in DBC2’s successful relationship with ENZED, of which DBC2 has continued to meet and exceed ENZED’s expectations.

ENZED’s relationship with DBC2 clearly demonstrates the full spectrum of DBC2’s capabilities. Working actively with ENZED on Strategic and Tactical Marketing, Sponsorship Acquisition and Leveraging, Graphic Design and Print, Digital and Social Media, Public Relations and Advertising, DBC2 has yielded positive outcomes in increase ENZED’s market share, driving key messages, aiding recruitment and working on a range of projects alongside ENZED’s marketing team.