Debacle Bares All

debacleDBC2’s Project DeBaCle VW Amarok was in for a surprise recently, when after a comprehensive detail, it was the subject of a professional automotive photoshoot.

Thanks to Justin Power Photography, the revolutionary Amarok was captured in a variety of locations that were chosen to reflect the versatility of the vehicle and bring out the best in what is a fantastic looking machine.

The shots were taken at first light on the bay, in the dead of night in a city alley way and even on a worksite and we are sure you will agree, the results are spectacular!

Project DeBaCle was born as a DBC2 vision to redefine a new future of vehicle modification within the Australian aftermarket industry, especially considering 4X4 Ute sales are at an all time high and with the demise of Aussie based Ute’s of Holden and Ford imminent.

DBC2 has been lucky to work with many progressive automotive aftermarket partners who share this vision and stepped in to support the project and showcase what is available and assist in inspiring the wider aftermarket industry to do the same.

Thanks to 3M Designer Wraps, I’m Wrapped Vinyl Graphics, Horsepower Factory, Cooper Tires Australia, AzNew, DBA, Fulcrum Suspension, HM Headers, Hayman Reese and Narva.