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A breath of fresh air swept across the DBC2 office a few months back when we welcomed our new Administration/Bookkeeper Rebecca Edwards.  Rebecca has such a bright and bubbly personality and fits in with the team remarkably well, it also helps that she is a bit of a car nut like the rest of us.  So the important stuff first – What does she drive?  A big black Range Rover Sport and although she almost needs a step ladder to get into it, it really does suit her.

Rebecca comes to DBC2 with 9 years experience within the automotive industry and takes care of and manages all DBC2’s finances, office management, administration and the most important of all payroll. 

When asked what Rebecca enjoys most about her job…  first and foremost, the people she works with.  Rebecca also highlights her love of interacting with all of our client’s and suppliers as she really does enjoys being a part of the automotive industry. 

A question people in this industry get asked a lot is what is your dream car?  Rebecca’s very quick response to this question… a RAM. She really will need a step ladder if that dream comes true for her.

When not at work Rebecca enjoys weekends away, winery’s, long drives, the beach and of course family time. 

And Rebecca’s favourite movie?  The Fast and The Furious, of course.

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