DBC2 Staff Car Photo Shoot

An overcast Saturday morning as DBC2 staff washed, wiped, polished, sprayed and wiped again making sure our cars had that showroom shine. Hope it doesn’t rain now.

A Mk 7 VW Golf GTI and an Mk5 VW Golf GTI parked next to each other in the DBC2 staff car park, as someone commented that would make a good photo…. From that, an idea was born. If you think about it, we are Australia’s Automotive Marketing Specialists and as we are all car people, we have some pretty nice cars, what if you lined up all of them? That would make a great photo…


Of course, it did rain and we all had to dry and wipe down our cars again once we met at the photoshoot location. But the rain stopped and in typical Melbourne weather, we almost got some sunshine poking through the clouds just long enough for our shoot. Time to position the cars for the photo, quite an impressive range of cars we own all lined up together. Got the shot, get some video and even some drone vision, now time for a sausage in bread and to stand around talking about our cars as car people do.