DBC2 Sizzles at Summernats

The new year saw DBC2 getting straight into action as Summernats 31 hit Canberra in early January.

DBC2 is proud to be the agency responsible for handling much of the media and publicity components of what is one of Australia’s largest automotive events.

As part of our role, we handled pre-event promotions with various media outlets to promote the event, media releases, media accreditation, at event roll-out that included daily press conferences and media liaisons to facilitate story production for TV, newspapers, websites and radio stations.

Summernats 31 was a thumping success with a strong media footprint leading to the second highest turnout of entrants in the event’s history and strong crowds despite the intense heat and DBC2 was proud to once again contribute to this iconic festival of horsepower!

For more information on Summernats, head to www.summernats.com.au