DBC2 Shifts Summernats into Gear

When it comes to automotive events in Australia, there’s no name bigger or more well known than SUMMERNATS. Now approaching its 34th event, it has been an integral part of Australian car culture DNA for over three decades, and its reputation is well-known the world over.

Since 2009, Summernats has been run by the same company that brings us other great events, such as Rocky Nats, Red Centre Nats, and MotorEX. Putting on show-stopping high-calibre events like these requires more than just passion, it requires funding in the way of sponsorships and advertising.

When the Summernats team needed to refresh and realign the document they use to spruik potential event sponsors, they turned to DBC2. Previously utilising individual documents for each of their events, the tactic was re-aligned to now use one all encompassing document that showed the strengths of each of the events in unison.

DBC2’s strategists and creative teams came together to create a high quality, easy to digest, and engaging document worthy of the Summernats name.

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