DBC2 Research

DBC2-researchDBC2 has setup a new research arm, known as DBC2 Automotive Research as part of our continual  push toward innovative ways to further understand the ever changing  trends in the automotive industry and ways we can keep our clients ahead of the game and equipped for the future.

DBC2 has partnered with highly respected research consultancy Calculated Outcomes which is headed by 14 year research stalwart Bob Schwartz.

“There’s no doubt that the Australian automotive industry is going through one of the largest upheavals in its history.  Not only are we dealing with the phasing out of domestic car manufacturing but the aftermarket is also trying to comprehend the rapid changes to the car parc and a more aggressive marketing stance from the OEM’s,” said DBC2’s Founder and Managing Director, Dale Brittain.

“As an industry, I think we have understood the global shift from large, high engine capacity cars to smaller, more fuel efficient vehicles but that change is just scraping at the surface.  We now have to prepare our businesses for a substantially different marketplace with the advent of Asian and European cars potentially becoming the mainstay of the industry plus adapting ourselves for the massive shift to diesel,” Brittain said.

DBC2 will use our research arm to assist auto-based businesses make educated decisions in these turbulent times.

According to Schwartz there is a plethora of information available – “The dilemma is certainly not the amount of data available.  The key is knowing where to find the right data and then analysing and interpreting it in a way that supports informed decision making.  That’s what we are doing here at DBC2 Automotive Research”.

By using quality research, independent advice and solid planning, the wave of changes that are hitting the industry can be turned into great opportunities.

For a fascinating example of the type of information that is available via DBC2 Automotive Research, please click here to download a FREE report. The report provides an insight into where the oldest and newest fleets of cars are located within Melbourne Suburbs, what has happened to all the Fords in Geelong and where to go in Queensland if you want to see old cars!

For further information on how DBC2 Automotive Research can assist with your marketing needs, call (03) 9467 9988 or head to www.dbc2.com.au