DBC2 Research Services

Data. A single word that can mean the difference between a winning business strategy and failure. It’s that simple.

Data is the information you need to avoid shooting in the dark, or wasting time, money and resource in an area that is un-productive for growth, sales or business exposure. Data instead can pin point exactly where you need to be focusing your attention.

In the automotive sector, data is critical. With an ever changing business landscape, through digital media, changing consumer habits, tighter margins and more competition, data can provide a clear path forward irrespective or your business size, or goals.

Here at DBC2, we understand the importance of data to our clients and the broader automotive sector and in that light, we offer direct research services that can answer your automotive industry questions.

How many cars are now sold as diesel vehicles in Australia?

What age group are buying aftermarket parts for their vehicles?

What areas of a city are more likely to buy certain types of cars?

Where are mechanics servicing European vehicles in a given area?

What is your question given your product or service that will help you get in front of the right people and ultimately drive sales?

DBC2 has access to a treasure trove of data within the sphere or the Australian car parc and we are ready to assist you find the answers you need to take your business to the next level.

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