DBC2 MD Dale Brittain Appointed To SAE-A Board

DBC2 Managing Director and Founder Dale Brittain has recently been appointed as a Director to the SAE Australasia Board of Directors.

SAE-A is the world’s third oldest mobility society, founded in 1927 in Melbourne to represent the Automotive Engineering sector. SAE-A is a non-profit organisation that serves the needs of its members and promotes mobility engineering technologies to governments, industry and the wider community.

Dale brings over 30 years’ experience within the automotive and motorsport worlds, having worked in a variety of roles that allows him to have a broad perspective on the challenges and opportunities that the industry faces.

“I’m very proud to be chosen as a Director of the SAE-A. I’m very passionate about this industry and to be working with such a respected organisation to help this sector continue to achieve important goals that will define our future is something I look forward to,” said Dale.

To find out more about the Society of Automotive Engineers Australasia, head to http://www.saea.com.au