DBC2 Links Snap-on with The Hoonatics Podcast

DBC2 has worked strategically with Snap-on Tools Australia and Mark Boxer from HoonTV to negotiate sponsorship for season 2 of The Hoonatics Podcast. With franchisee recruitment a focus for Snap-on, podcasts were identified as a key tool to advertise the many opportunities that Snap-on has across their vast network.

Podcasts have soared in popularity over the past 5 years, with platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, YouTube and Soundcloud allowing niche topics to be pushed to the masses. The Hoonatics podcast aims to reach car lovers, with hosts Mark Boxer and well-known motorsport personality Jason O’Halloran the driving forces behind the show. Each week the duo will welcome guests to discuss various car-related topics as well as current events and storylines within the industry.

This target market was identified by DBC2 as a perfect fit for the Snap-on brand, and has organised several activations to take place throughout the upcoming season.

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