DBC2 Integral To National Launch Of AIC

This year, the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association (AAAA) launched their biggest project to date, the AIC (Auto Innovation Centre). These state of the art testing facilities are co-funded by Federal and Victorian Government industry development grants, and will benefit the whole of the aftermarket industry. The AAAA turned to DBC2 to develop the name, branding identity, and launch video for this exciting project.

All of DBC2s recourses were poured into group brainstorming sessions to develop a name for the facilities. Once this was decided, we could move forward with logo creation and launch video production. The problem for our video team, however, was that the Auto Innovation Centre didn’t exist yet, and we had to produce a video with a looming deadline… the challenge was on. 

While we couldn’t show the non-existent centre in the video, what we did have access to is some of the amazing technology that will end up within the centre once it’s complete.  We scouted a suitable location and vehicle to film some of this technology in action, and off to work we went.  Amazed by the futuristic technology before us, we now had enough great shots in the bag to edit together an exciting 60 second hype video.

Our hard work came to life at the 2019 Australian Auto Aftermarket Excellence Awards gala dinner, where the hype video, name, and branding were revealed on the big screen to our industry peers within the Crown Palladium. The following day, the branding could be seen front and centre at the AIC stand at the AAA Expo.


DBC2 are honoured to have played such an important role within this industry that we know and love, and thank the AAAA for the opportunity to put our stamp on a historical moment in aftermarket history. Contact us today for assistance with business name generation, logo and branding concepts, and all types of videography.