DBC2 has a TA2 Racing experience with Matt MacKelden

This month, racing driver, radio personality, all-round nice guy and friend of DBC2 Matt MacKelden visited Melbourne to race in the TA2 Series at Winton Raceway. Matt began his racing season in the TA2 category at the beginning of 2019, and he is fortunate enough to be behind the wheel of a TA2-spec Ford Mustang with the Kubota Racing team.

To match his race car, DBC2 flicked Matt the keys to 1LITGT – our Herrod Supercharged Ford Mustang project – to travel in style up the Hume to Winton Raceway for the weekend (we hope those point-to-point speed cameras were nice to you Matt!). After he spent a couple of days’ in practice and qualifying, the DBC2 team then travelled up to Winton on the Sunday to check out the TA2 Series and see the race for ourselves.

After Matt’s hospitality including a tour of the pits, a close up of the cars themselves and an introduction to the teams, we settled in to watch the on-track action of the TA2’s in the longest race to-date for the category, a 25-lap “mini endurance”.

The LS crate motors in each of the TA2 cars sounded fantastic tearing around the Winton circuit; a rumble reminiscent of some of the best Australian motorsport categories. Matt finished the race without serious drama, with his place for Round 4 at Winton Raceway sitting him in 9th for the 2019 Championship.

The team at DBC2 really enjoyed our visit to Winton Raceway, and a special thanks must be given to Matt for the invitation, hospitality and the fantastic photos of 1LITGT alongside his TA2 Ford Mustang.

All the best for the rest of the season, Matt!