DBC2 goes Underground

The European performance market is one we know well, both professionally and personally. Amongst our fleet of daily drivers includes an AMG GLC63, Audi RS3, Audi S3, two Golf GTIs and a Tiguan. Within that market exists a team of talented professionals that go by the name Underground Performance (UGP).

UGP are long-time friends of DBC2, having modified, tuned and maintained a number of our cars over the years. Recently, it was time for us to return the favour in the way of some updated branding, content planning, and marketing activations.

With the business offering both performance upgrades and regular servicing, the decision was made to maintain Underground Performance as the main brand identity, followed by two sub-brands; UGP Tailored Tuning and UGP Tailored Servicing. Taking the existing logo, our in-house design team created the two new sub-brand logos.

As with most businesses, content is king and UGP is no exception. An active and engaged social audience craves updates and discussion points, so an intense 3-month plan was laid out by our team and put into action. This is never a one-size-fits-all solution, each of our clients has a specific tone of voice and audience demographic. Our knowledge of the automotive aftermarket means we always put the right things infront of the right people.

With the silly season approaching, UGP wanted to take full advantage of two major sales events; Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Once again, DBC2 handled all marketing and design for both campaigns, giving our client a healthy sales boost before the year was over.

For companies large or small, local or national, DBC2 has your marketing covered.