DBC2 celebrates 21 years with exciting new look

DBC2 is excited to announce a refresh of its branding for 2021. The bold new look comes as the business celebrates its 21st anniversary and coincides with the announcement that three new Board Members have joined the DBC2 team.

Dale Brittain, Managing Director and Founder of DBC2 says the experienced and highly successful trio will drive forward DBC2’s position as Australia’s number-one automotive marketing agency, and further assist its valued clients well into the future.

“DBC2 understands the need to keep ahead of the curve, and to challenge ourselves before we have any chance of expecting our clients to do the same,” said Brittain.

­­“There are a lot of changes happening in the industry, most of them positive, and I’m pleased to say that DBC2 is in a better position than ever to help our clients capitalise on those changes.

“The reality is that all branding needs to keep with the times. DBC2 is at the forefront of marketing the automotive aftermarket and our look should reflect that.

“It’s bold, fresh, and it stands out. In a humble way, we like to think that we’re a respected agency and we hope our clients feel the same way,” he added.

The news comes at a time of great optimism for the automotive aftermarket with Brittain stating that the industry is in the ‘strongest position it’s even been in’. Industry and Government support of the automotive aftermarket is growing consumer confidence, sharpening the focus of DBC2 to deliver new and exciting content for its growing rollcall of clientele.

“DBC2 will remain 100 per cent focused on the automotive aftermarket moving forward. We feel that we can grow as our industry grows and become even stronger  as the industry becomes better recognised,” Brittain remarked.

“We plan on staying ahead of the times, to keep our clients relevant and profitable, and I am genuinely and very sincerely excited about the future.”

Brittain said the refresh of the DBC2 brand would  be representative of the company’s maturity.

The company has a proud history of being at the forefront of automotive marketing and will seek to build on those strong foundations as it settles into its new corporate headquarters.

“The move to our new corporate headquarters in Port Melbourne, into a building that really speaks to who we are and what we stand for, is another big part of this refresh,” continued Brittain.

“I think the new-look brand and the building makes a statement about DBC2. It says, ‘we know our stuff, and we know the industry’, and the logo speaks to that, literally. We Speak Cars – it’s absolutely who we are and what we do.”