DBC2 Celebrates 20 Years

Earlier this year, DBC2 had the honour of ticking over 20 years in business, a feat achieved by few and definitely one to be proud of. As part of our celebrations, we are humbled by having our company story included in the March edition of the AAAA magazine. Here is the article in it’s entirety:

One marketing agency that’s ridden the ups and downs as the industry has become such a significant player in the economic landscape is DBC2.

In 2020 the specialist auto marketing agency celebrates its 20th year and its Founder and Managing Director, Dale Brittain, says it is the only full-service marketing agency that services the auto aftermarket exclusively; proudly representing some of the biggest and smallest brands in the industry.

“It’s humbling to think that a business that started from a desk in my spare bedroom is about to go into its 21st year. From very simple beginnings, we now employ a dozen talented people and are about to open our third location, which will be a bold venture in Sydney,” Dale said.

“Like any small business, we’ve had our fair share of tough times but there’s no doubt that remaining 100 percent focused on the auto aftermarket and becoming a specialist in our industry has been the key to our longevity.

“We’ve been tempted many times to venture outside of the aftermarket but staying true to what we know and are passionate about was the best decision we could have made. The compliments we consistently receive from clients is that ‘we just get it’ and for me, there could be no better accolade.”

DBC2 originally started as DBC (standing for Dale Brittain Consultancy) and was headquartered in Canberra. In 2010, the business relocated to Melbourne and rebranded to DBC2.

“When we moved to Melbourne, the home of the auto aftermarket, the opportunities were far greater that we could even have imagined. We grew very quickly: five staff become 10 almost overnight and if I’m completely honest, we probably grew too fast. Personally I learnt a lot during those first two years in Melbourne and we are a better business because of the mistakes we made,” Dale said.

“One of best learnings was to employ car people and turn them into great marketers, not employ marketers and turn them into car people. Our staff learn and develop so much better when they
are passionate about the subject matter. We have a fantastic team of people now at DBC2 and I am incredibly proud of that.”

So where does DBC2 go from here?

“In 2010, at the start of our second decade in business, we opened DBC2 Digital offering digital and content marketing services,” Dale said.

“At the time, almost all of our clients thought we were going insane. The industry just wasn’t ready for it then. We had to wait three years before clients were prepared to move some of their budgets from traditional marketing and then after five years, wow, it just took off.

“Digital marketing now represents 80 percent of business mix and I’m so grateful we had the foresight to be ahead of the game. As we move into our third decade, there are two major areas we will be working with our clients on.

“We need to continue to refine our digital marketing into a bona fide sales tool, not just a marketing tool. Ultimately, it’s now about getting proper ROI from digital spends.

“Secondly, we need to understand better the rapid car parc change that’s hitting the industry as we speak. As this change rolls out, there are so many opportunities for aftermarket businesses to capitalise. We want to be at the forefront of this.”

As DBC2 recognises its 20th year, the agency has developed both a celebratory 20-year logo and Mustang race car livery that will be seen throughout the year.

Click here to read the March issue of the AAAA Magazine online. You’ll find our article on page 16, which you can view directly via this link.