DBC2 and BrainStorm Software Forge Strategic Technology Partnership

DBC2, a leading marketing agency specialising in the automotive aftermarket industry, is proud to announce its recent collaboration with software solution and technology experts BrainStorm Software. The partnership, initiated after meeting at the Auto Care event in Brisbane earlier this year, marks a significant milestone for both companies.

The collaboration has already developed into a strong working relationship with a joint webinar that delved into the realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The webinar, hosted by DBC2 and BrainStorm, provided unique insights into AI technology from a marketing and technology perspective, showcasing the synergies between the two organisations.

Dale Brittain, Founder and Managing Director of DBC2, recognised the immense potential in integrating BrainStorm’s technical expertise, particularly in the rapidly advancing field of AI technology and sharing the company’s software solutions with their clients. With over two decades of experience, DBC2 has continually evolved to stay ahead in the dynamic digital landscape. The addition of BrainStorm’s prowess in Strategy and Intuition further solidifies DBC2’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technological innovation.

“We’ve engaged with BrainStorm to bring AI into our business and have the technical support on hand for our clients,” said Dale Brittain. “We want our clients to know that we are at the forefront of technology, especially AI moving forward.”

BrainStorm is actively working on creating AI technology tailored to the specific needs of businesses, providing DBC2 and its clients with cutting-edge solutions. Ty Osborne, Founder and CEO of BrainStorm Software, is excited about the collaboration.

 “We’re looking forward to supporting DBC2. It’s been great working with DBC2 on the recent webinar; they are a really professional company, and we are proud to share our knowledge on technology with them and their customers,” said Osborne.

Brittain emphasised the significance of embracing new technologies, drawing on his experience of predicting the prominence of the internet years ago. “Many years ago, I spoke at a conference about how the internet would be the place to be for companies in the future and I was laughed off the stage,” he recalled. “I believe it is important to embrace new technology, and Ty (Osborne) and I share this passion. I believe it will be a great partnership benefiting both of us moving forward.”

The DBC2 and BrainStorm Software partnership represents a fusion of marketing and technology expertise, poised to bring innovative solutions to the automotive aftermarket industry.


About DBC2
Founded 24 years ago, DBC2 is a renowned marketing agency specialising in the automotive aftermarket industry. They create and execute end-to-end marketing designed to reach, engage and deliver real results.

About BrainStorm Software
BrainStorm is a software company that specialises in two areas. They help distribution and manufacturing businesses get their ERP technology in order, and also help scaling businesses implement and integrate their software systems.