DBC2 Adds In-house Video Production

Producing video and animated material has always been an effective marketing tool for automotive businesses but in many cases it has been too costly and time consuming to implement.  Thanks to a new acquisition by DBC2, that’s all about to change with Australia’s leading automotive marketing agency announcing this week the development of a new in-house video production unit.

In this digital era, video content has never been so important; with social media channels like Facebook favouring video over images by a considerable margin and with the attention span of key audiences (in both B2B & B2C) becoming perpetually smaller; multi-dimensional marketing like video and animation increases the effectiveness of communication and messaging.

“We are really excited about this development,” said DBC2’s Dale Brittain.

“We have been working with Dan Dea at Red X Video for a number of years and we’re delighted to announce that Dan has joined DBC2 in a full time, in-house capacity as of September 1st.”

“Our main focus with the new venture is to drastically reduce the cost of video production to our clients and capitalise on the digital opportunities that it presents us.  Our initial estimates are that we can cut the average cost of production by around half by bringing the service in-house,” Brittain added.

Whilst pricing models will be announced to clients next week, DBC2 are expected to release market-leading packaged offers such as a standard 15-30 second video clip for a Facebook post at around the $150 mark and corporate or conference videos at less than $2,000.  Both include filming at the client location if required.

According to Brittain, the benefits don’t just stop at the reduced prices – “There’s no doubt that video is now a critical marketing tool, so by having in-house capability, we can have our clients talking directly to Dan before and during production, so the end result is completed quickly and effectively.”

Contact DBC2 on 03 9467 9988 or email info@dbc2.com.au for more information.