DBA Celebrates 250 Races With V8 Utes

Disc Brakes Australia (DBA) is celebrating their long and successful relationship with the Australian V8 Ute Racing Series, this year reaching a milestone of 250 races!

For more than 10 years, DBA has been the sole supplier of disc brakes for the series, with a commitment to improving race performance and developing the best quality performance disc brakes on the market. DBA’s T3 product is fitted to every Australian V8 Ute race vehicle.

The Clubspec T3 Slot design was born out of testing completed with the V8 Utes series and DBA has developed a product that outperforms and out lasts other rotors on the market.

DBC2 have  been working closely with DBA to create counter mats for distributors that celebrate the company’s long standing relationship with the motorsport racing category.

Alongside the design and production of the counter mat, DBC2 announced this 250 race milestone to the press via a media release with strong imagery.