Damo and Rob’s V8 Supercar Adventure

hot-lap-smllWhile the DBC2 team certainly works hard day to day, occasionally an opportunity comes along for a little reward.  For our Graphic Designer Rob and Tactical Marketing Coordinator Damien the reward came in the form in the opportunity of a lifetime to participate in a Brad Jones Racing V8 Supercar ride day.

With the lads suited up, a rumour started to circulate that the afternoon session might be cancelled due to the noise level at the circuit being exceeded by the cars.

With fingers crossed the pin would not be pulled on the event and as they waited in line, the BJR mechanics engineered a low tech solution, in the form of steel wool in the exhaust systems. Thankfully that sorted everything out and the day could safely continue!

As such, Rob and Damo were able to step up to the hot seat with none other than Fabian Coulthard and provide him with some valuable pointers on how to drive faster!

Damo and Rob were both impressed with the brutal acceleration and the braking ability of the cars and enjoyed the note of the highly tuned V8 from inside the cabin.

More than anything, they have a greater appreciation for the amount of work and concentration that is required of these top drivers and the skills they possess to race at the limit for extended periods of time.

Damo and Rob wish to thank BJR and Dale for allowing them to head out for a fun afternoon.