Burson Preferred Brands Promotion

DBC2 has been coordinating a large scale promotion for Burson Auto Parts for the past three months.  The Burson Preferred Brands promotion was designed to provide staff at Burson stores with the tools to differentiate between different products, driving preferred brands and influencing store support for participating suppliers.

Through DBC2, Burson developed three unique selling points (USP’s) for each supplier. This process was designed to create a distinct set of training points for every Burson staff member so it was fully understood why these brands are “preferred” and more importantly, what they should be selling when a customer calls.  The cultural change required was to think “right” not “easiest”!  The campaign had strong support from suppliers as it provided them with the direct opportunity to train Burson staff on the USP’s of their brands plus the opportunity for their brand to be promoted on the merits of its value proposition, not price.

Suppliers were invited to participate in a launch video, weekly Electronic direct mail outs (EDMs) and a printed desk mat for each store. Each item featured suppliers’ logos and USP’s, and the EDM’s were expanded to include a staff incentive or customer promotion.

Every week, for 12 weeks, DBC2 developed a unique EDM for each of the 12 suppliers, which was sent to all Burson stores every Monday morning. This was then followed up by 30 random phone calls on Friday afternoon from DBC2, to stores requesting the staff member on the other end of the line to repeat the three USPs of the supplier featured that week.  Stores were incentivised internally to remember the USPs and were rewarded for each USP repeated correctly with Coles/Myer vouchers.

The commitment from suppliers, participation from Burson staff and careful maintenance of a tight schedule by DBC2 has resulted in Burson Head Office acknowledging the promotion had “exceeded our expectations”.