Ballarat City Council Commissions DBC2

ballarat_smallDBC2 was recently approached by the Ballarat City Council to develop and produce a comprehensive coffee table booklet outlining the many benefits that will come with the construction of the Ballarat Motor Industry and Events Hub.

The proposed Ballarat based state of the art complex will provide ‘an unparalleled range of facilities to engage a wide range of sporting, motorsport, training and community based activities.’

To help procure funding from the relevant Government and business sectors, DBC2 developed a slick, professional twenty page document that gives an in-depth presentation on such things as what the complex and its facilities will look like, what sectors of the community will benefit from its construction along with the many events that could be held at such an amazing complex.

Ballarat’s City Council’s commissioning of DBC2 to assist with a project of this size and importance is testament to DBC2 and its ability to produce a presentation of this magnitude and quality.