A day of video production at The Bend Motorsport Park

DBC2’s video production team recently had the exciting task of travelling to The Bend Motorsport Park at Tailem Bend SA.

Snap-on tools, one of DBC2’s valued clients were supplying all of the tools for the week at the AMG Driving Academy and they needed a video of all the action.  A 7 am flight out of Melbourne to Adelaide, jump in the hire car (unfortunately a Suzuki Swift and not an AMG) an hour and a half drive to The Bend and only 2.5 hours of filming before we had to rush back to make the fight home to Melbourne.  This was going to be a challenge. 

Once we arrived at The Bend we were faced with some quite challenging weather conditions with strong winds, rain and then patches of bright sun (not ideal for filming), however, surrounded by amazing AMG cars and even some classic Mercs got us excited and we got to work.

Gathering all the shots we needed of the AMG technicians using Snap-on tools and equipment, shots of the cars racing down the straight, shots of Snap-on tools, shots of cars driving around, shots of cars sitting there looking pretty, shots of Snap-on tool boxes, interior car shots, shots of the track… phew, I think we have everything.  Time to jump back in the Swift and hopefully we can make it back to Adelaide in time for the fight.  And the end result….