A Day In The Drivers’ Den

A Day In The DriversDBC2 recently organised and promoted the ‘A Day in the Drivers’ Den’ competition by Rare Spares, offering two lucky winners an incredible HSV Drive day experience with Cameron McConville!

The promotion was run through the Rare Spares website, blog and social media, giving winners the opportunity to not just meet Cameron McConville, but join him for a lap around the track.

The thrill-seeker drive day will improve skills behind the wheel and teach tricks of the trade.

Valued at over $650 The Day in the Drivers’ Den package includes:

• The chance to meet Cameron McConville and other top racing drivers
• Experience the GEN-F range: drive the 430kW GTS, the race-bred ClubSport R8, the tradesman’s nirvana, the Maloo R8, the sophisticated Senator Signature and the ultimate freedom machine, the ClubSport R8 Tourer.
• Learn new skills around circuit driving, understeer/oversteer, ABS and swerve manoeuvres, seating and steering technique and more.
• A lap around the track with Cameron McConville
• A smorgasbord lunch with refreshments throughout the day

DBC2 developed a video, banner artwork, blog posts and social media posts to promote the competition, which closed on the 23rd of July.