6 Tips To Turn Your Facebook Page Into A Sales Tool

If your Facebook “fans” (audience/ potential customers) trust you, you can build a relationship that, if you play your cards right, will result in in sales.  Even more than sales your Facebook customers will become your ambassadors and recommend you to their friends.  Sound good? The key to this is building your credibility.  These are our top tips for making a Facebook business page work for you.

1. Take care of your Facebook page basics

  • The real basics – make sure your web address, phone number address etc. are in your profile!
  • Load your Facebook profile with amazing content about your company – tell your story.
  • This is visual medium so make sure your cover photo and profile photo are on brand and engaging. Hire a graphic designer to help if you can.

2. Content – Tell your authentic story.

  • Tell your audience about your company, your history, your challenges, your success and the lessons you’ve learned. Be real.  Spin a good yarn (think editorial rather than PR).

3. Content – Be useful and engaging.

  • The key is to share content that is interesting to your audience
  • You are an expert in your field – use your knowledge for good!  Start by using Facebook posts to answer the questions your customers ask you the most.
  • It is okay to be entertaining – just make sure it is relevant to your brand.

4. Content – Earn trust via social proof

  • Have you been in the media (for all the right reasons) let your audience know.
  • Received an award or recognition? Tell the story.
  • How about a great customer testimonial?  Humbly share with your Facebook fans.

5. Have plan to post frequently

  • Create a content calendar it will help you stay focused and clear.
  • Post regularly (keep them coming back for) and use the Facebook insights tools to find out what time of the day is best to post.

6. Customer service window

  • Facebook is a window on your customer service – a very public window. It allows people to tell you what went wrong while the rest of your audience listens in.  If you want build credibility and trust become a customer service legend.  Respond promptly to inquiries and feedback.